Saturday, February 12, 2011

Our Family's "Playlist"

People often say that our kids are so lucky to have such a musical dad. Truth be told, Ivan (7) and Lewis (4) often say, “Daddy, can you please stop singing that?” They are extremely musical kids and definitely dictate the majority of music choices in our car, as well as when and where Andrew can rehearse. I’d love to share our family’s top picks for music from some really great "kindie" artists. And as a wife/manager of a family act, I can honestly say that all these folks are extremely hard-working, put a lot of effort into their performances, and really love to make great music for kids/everybody (because they're definitely not doing it for the $$$!).

  1. Jon Samson/Cocreative Music—like no kids’ music you’ve heard before, totally fresh and groovy, with a Jeff Buckley-ish voice that makes me swoon… Check out “Nothing Rhymes with Orange” and “The Conductor.”
  2. Charlie Hope—has one of the loveliest/sweetest/ear-pleasin’ voices around… Check out “Train Song” and “I’m Me.”
  3. Ratboy Jr.—just plain likeable and fun--makes me nostalgic for the skateboarding friends from high school… “Never-Melting Snowman” and “Dirt” are family faves.
  4. The Monkey Bunch—they are up for a Juno next month for “Power to the Little People”—the album is an eccentric/eclectic/electric experience from start to finish--highly recommended! We love “Don’t Let Your Cars Idle” and “Poopie Diaper.”
  5. The Funky Mamas—same kind of genre as Andrew’s music, folky/bluegrassy feel with great harmonies, friendliness and joy. They are in the midst of recording their third album—check out “Alligator Romp” and “”Go Bananas!”

Hope you love these bands as much as we do, and help support these artists by going to their shows and buying their CDs! And get your kids listening to great music!


p.s. Andrew will start recording his third album in March! It's all about food and chock full of originals!

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